Sunday 28 January 2007

And so it is

When I knew that CHA Winter was going to be in Anenheim this year, I made myself a promise: I had to go. One of my dearest friends, Sephira, leaves in LA, so it would be a perfect chance to do two things I love very much hang out with her and visit all the booths of my favorite craft companies. The thing is that this promise happened almost four years ago (2003). So many things have change, yet Sephira still lives in LA and CHA Winter 2007 is in Anenheim opening its doors this very day.
What, then, I am doing in my messy house in the English winter? I am saving money, for one very important reason. For a second one I am moving my studio to the dining room. (Yes, it is true. After over two years I am moving out of a tiny third bedroom to a full sized studio. I am so lucky!) And for third and final reason, tax return: two single words that chill the air and fry the brain, at least mine! (What happen to that girl who was good at maths in early high school days? I guess she disappeared under tons of patterned paper and gorgeous embellishments.)
After too much thinking about which would be the best furniture for my studio, finally we settle for this as the main unit that will hold paper, albums and other stuff and this little pretty thing for my books and magazines (Of course all those items are from IKEA, what did you think?) I promise I'll post pictures as soon as I have a proper studio to photograph!

PS: Claire, I couldn't upload the pictures from the envelope mini book. I'll try later, as soon as I finish my taxes. I promise.

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