Tuesday 23 January 2007

Exciting times ahead

There are many little (or not so little) projects ahead for me. Some of them I must not talk about, some others are more on the open, but all of them are a little pieces of heaven to my life. Let me explain.
Since I left my job at Creative Pastimes I have been juggling between very busy times and very quite ones (mostly). Now again I am heading one of the former, which means that loads of projects are coming my way: articles, classes and demos for starters (I must update sidebar, I must, I must,...).
But most of all things exciting is the fact that Omar and I have agreed on the use of the rooms of the house. You must think by now that I have gone crazy, and that I want to cook eggs in the bathtub and have my showers in the entrance. Well, I am not quite that mad, yet.
The agreement (not signed so changes can happen!) consist in that the dinning room will be exclusively my studio and that the second bedroom will be my DH Omar's studio and guest bedroom. Where will we eat? Well, I had been thinking that we barely have guest for dinner and, since it's just the two of us, a little table in the living room will do. This plan will ensure that we use all the rooms in the house, otherwise the lovely and big dinning room is barely used (only for my classes).
So, I have made a list of IKEA necessary purchases and plan to go in the next few days.
I'll post photos as soon as I have them!

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Saffa said...

WOW WOW WOW Congrats Paula! I have just had to give up my craft room for our Au Pair so now I have a bedroom come craft room, buts its actually ok although I will have to keep it extra tidy other wise poor Abdellatif may go nuts!

So sign me up for your first class at home..how exciting this must be for you!! I can almost imagine the huge smile..so whats happening to the little craft room or will that still be the 'storage' area!

Its amazing how much stuff I have It was actually quite shocking!


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