Monday 15 January 2007

Ribbon storage

So there was a thread on Ukscrappers on how to storage ribbons. Although there are many ways of doing so I found two really good ones: on empty kitchen rolls and on ring binders. I did the fisrt system for over two years with mix results, it's neat, accessible and the ribbon doesn't get any creases. However when you have as much ribbon as I do, they take a lot of space, and by a lot I mean seven deep A4 boxes like the ones on the photo.
After looking Saffa's storage I came up with something would allow me to use the dead space behind the door of my mini studio. It's a over the doos hanging thing form Tesco. In top two bars I have the reels of ribbon, and on the bottom one I have hooks which hold ring binders. Each ribbon is stapled to a white card that has a hole (to go thorugh the ring binder). Each ring correspond a colour, so if I need say red ribbon I only need to grab the red ring binder. The ribbon doesn't crease or get little holes from the pins. And it looks really pretty, much more than in the photo!
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