Thursday 11 January 2007

A day in London

Crafting is a solitaire hobby most of the time. You see, we are in our little (or not so little) studios designing our pages, cards or projects, listening music or whatever, but we are alone there. That is why forums such as Ukscrappers are so good for us. They allow us to meet people with the same interests and passions. And sometimes we meet in real life this virtual friends.
Tuesday, I met Anam and Sharon in London. We visited my favorite shops in Bloomsbury. Paperchase flaship shop in TottehamCourt Road is very impressive, they have lots of beautiful handmade papers and lovely acrylic storage. Faulkiners fine papers is just lush, a very old style shop that sell book binders stuff and large sheets of fine papers. And just off the British Museum, there is Blade Rubber, one of the few craft shops in London. I had a great time it's so nice to meet really nice crafters!

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