Monday 30 April 2007


Artist Trading Cards. Right. I don't really get them. I mean, you spend a considerable amount of time, product and imagination making a series of beautiful cards just to give them away, actually to swap them away.
The problem is that yes, when you make a card you are suppose to send it to someone who is expecting it because of a birthday, Christmas... you name the occasion {although more likely in my case I just keep it for far too many reasons to list them here}.
However with ATC is just plain and simple swapping. And that, my friend, it is something that I don't get as I never got collecting other things. When I think about starting an ATC collection I think that I would love to have this miniature artwork from some people and I would't mind to swap it with some of mine, but going as far as to join clubs where the only thing that you get is a very cheap ugly thing time and time over? It is just not for me. Or so I thought.
Just to prove myself wrong, I made a series of 12 and I really enjoyed making them, which means that provably now I'll be making more ATCs.The original ones were going to go in an article but we decided to do some cards instead. So, now I have 11 to swap, any takers?
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