Thursday 5 April 2007

Of Admiration and other things

Here there is a sneak peak of what is going to be my first full article for Scrapbook Inspirations, my favorite UK scrapbooking magazine for a very long time. I am really excited about it.

The title makes reference of the admiration that I feel for so many people. A person I admire (Anam) does this sneak peaks, I know that she is not the only one, many more do this. But it is her that has inspired me to do this today. Also another one who thats this quite often is Jane . And from here I started thinking on how sometimes I admire people in aspects of their lifes.

Let me explain. There are a few (all right, maybe not that few) people that I admire completely. My sister for one. I admire almost everything she does or she says. She is intelligent, with a great caracter, an sweet innocence and a charming personality. I alwyas think that whe I grow up I want to be like her. Or her.

But then, I admire people I barely know, and because I barely know them I can only admire one side of them, the one I know. People I have work with, people I have shared laughs and tears, people I have had coffee with, people whose skills I have seen on the internet.
The world is full of people who deserve admiration.

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