Wednesday 11 April 2007

I miss Japan

It is rather funny. I mean, really really, what do we have in common with Japan? { And by we, I mean my husband and I.} Provably nothing, at least not fisical. Yet we both feel so strongly attach to this far and away country that we only visited once, that we often say to each other without any introduction, "Oh, how I miss Japan".
Maybe it is the tradition, maybe the people, maybe it is just that red (my favorite colour) and green (Omar's) is everywhere. Personaly, I have my theory: it is the mix between a traditional society where all the important bits are still kept (religion, family, beauty...) yet the commodities of modern world are even superior to those at home.
That is a beautiful country, well there's no doubt. As a sample, some of Omar's photos of Nara (first one) and of Miyajima island (the second , just off Hiroshima).
I really really want to go back soon!

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Saffa said...

Paula..I can't see your pictures :(

I may need some advice hun regarding paper I will send you a line in a day or two..


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