Monday 30 April 2007

Isle of Wight

We had a glorious weather this weekend on the South of England (probably in the rest too but I was on the South). Omar and I went to visit my sister who is doing some kind of sophisticated research studies in the Oceanographic Centre in Southampton for a few days. So on Sunday we visit the Isle of Wight which offers breathtaking seaside views.

Check out our route on POI66.

This on the right is a rare photo of Omar, myself and the Needles, rare because we are both(Omar and I that is) on it. Normally he takes it so I am alone on it. (And Saffa and Anam, I know I am not fat but just a little bit overweight for my height and bone structure. Just compare my arms with the layout photo!)

This other one is in... (sorry forgot the name of the beach)! Sand and little stone beach. The girl in the middle is not me (otherwise a fish or a crab would had had to have taken the photo) is Marta, a fellow oceanographer who is also doing some research in the same centre.

We felt a little bit dim spending the day with two PHDs whose jobs are scientific research!
It was a lovely day though and our faces got a little tanned!

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