Monday 8 March 2010

Of being sick and Oscars night

I really hate having a cold. I imagine that is not that rare to do so. However, when the time comes, usually once a year, of being sick and tired of being in bed all day I realize how lucky I am to work from home. I can do all urgent work, albeit a bit less intense, and still rest enough.
Now I am on my fifth day of being sick, and I don't like it.
The card above was done in celebration of Oscars months for an article in Cardmaking and Papercraft that featured ideas for this past month. I used Movies Stars stamp from Stampington and for the message I used one of my mixed sentiments. Although I made it a few months ago, it would have been perfect for someone to send it to me today, as I have been thinking about Movie Stars and needed the cheering up.
Yesterday was Oscars night. Did you watch it? I still remember the only two time that I got to watch the whole thing. I forgot when it was except that I know it was in the UK and in the old house, so probably 2003 and 2004. I remember I was so excited to finally see it live, yet I do not remember who won for which movie, not even actors and actresses.
I guess I have grown out of that phase and don't care anymore about movie stars giving thanks to people I have never heard of and making silly crying speeches.
However, I still enjoy the Red Carpet arrivals as it showcases fashion and fab jewels. It is the only time -well at the Oscars and the rest of the Awards season- that we get to see amazing gowns and epic fashion and taste fails. I find Fashion really inspiring for my papercraft work, it is all about design concept, shape, colour and execution. Pretty much the same as in paper crafting.

Hits: Cameron Diaz in Oscar de la Renta, Helen Mirren, Kristen Stewart. Special Mention Gabourey Sidibe, big girls can glam up with the right shape and colour, JLo -one has to be very brave to wear that dress.
Near Hits: Anna Kendrick -perfect dress, bad colour for her-, Elizabeth Banks -perfect colour, not so good design-, Kate Wisnlet -perfect bottom half of the dress, top although beautiful not very flattering -, Miley Cirus -perfect bottom half of the dress very, very poor top half.
Epic Fails: Diane Kruger -Chanel!!?, Charlize Theron -Dior!!?

PS: Thanks for the comments. I do appreciate them very much. I specially like the ones that link to your own blogs, because then it creates a kind of community and I get to know you too.
And also, I welcome comments that can improve my work or the contents of this blog.


Karyn said...

Love the card Paula. Hope your cold gets better soon. I had one for two weeks - yuck!


Katty Bell said...

Hope you feel better very soon.
Very poashe card, very glam.

Jenny said...

Hi Paula. The crazy thing that stops me commenting is not being logged in when im having a quick browse! Most people don't leave comments because of time I think but the visitors are a good sign anyway! I always try to take a look at others' blogs when they've left a comment on mine. You've also tempted me with your stamps - but im trying to curb my stash, not increase it haha. Keep updating your blog, I love your style of work.
Jenny x

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