Thursday 24 June 2010

9 Squares

One of my favorite design layouts is the 9 squares. Funnily enough I haven't done a card using that layout and my square Tags stamps. But it seemed obvious when I was preparing for today's workshop at Craftability.
By the way, on Saturday I will be demonstrating at Colemans Craft Warehouse in Rushden (Northants), which will be my first time there. As always, really excited to meet new faces, so if you are going to see all the demos please come and say hello.


cathinka said...

Glad to read that you've been kind to yourself, Paula- it's necessary, especially for creative people, I think. Thank you for the comment last week- have been away from home, unable to get online, so it was a nice thing!
The 'simple, small easy June 20' and today '9 squares' cards are both striking- the first is like a slice of cake (yes, I love cake :))and the 9 squares is such a good idea with the stamps!!your creativity does happen in the gaps, and the break to potter is good.
Hope you enjoy your demo at Craftability-

G Peplow said...

Gorgeous card, classy,xx

Boo said...

Great idea - so effective. :D

Jenny said...

I love that card Paula! I tried using your stamps for the first time the other day, I haven't mastered the art yet but I was using them with SU inks, and the clear block coloured parts of the stamps didnt come out well on the card I tried. I then tried some smoother, SU card and it worked much better though so I need more practice!

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