Tuesday 29 June 2010

The english heat

I must admit that I love English summers. They are, in my opinion, perfection. One or two days medium heat followed by a rainy day, then medium cold day followed by more rain and then back to medium hot day and maybe a couple of really hot days thrown in the mix for a good measure. That is to me a perfect recipe for a summer. And, no, I a not joking.

For those who think England does not produce real heat, this is my proof. I left this box of strawberry sweets in the car, and a few days later, they melted completely.
Maybe this will also make me not to eat this type of sweets ever again.

Now I am off to QVC as Dawn requires some help today.


lucretia said...

I agree with you. There is plenty of heat in the sun and it's often too much for me. Prefer cooler weather...

cathinka said...

Hello, Paula- hope QVC goes well today, and that this HOT HOT weather is not too unbearable, (as I suffer from heat exhaustion/photosensitve skin, it makes me miserable, and a 'stay-indoors-till-it's-cooler-or-cloudy' person)!!- so hope travelling today has been ok..
I perfectly agree with your post "Questions/Answers", and think that it must have been horrible to have your creativity and kindness stolen from you. I, like many others,enjoy and am enriched by your blog- as a housebound/disabled woman, your blog brings a vista of beautiful, exciting ideas to my life, and I thank you for it; am sure regular readers agree, so take comfort from this, please.
Having been unable to get online for a few days again, this visit has shown me so many lovely ways to use your stamps! Wow! Can't wait for Cmkg&Pcraft to drop thru the letterbox...Yaay! :)
I tried using 'Labels 8' and the 2 smallest dies take your 'Mix and Match' and 'Double Sayings' , some on a slight angle as they're longer, and soon I'll try the round and square stamps, which excites my (sluggish) mind, so thank you.
Hope you're well,
Kind regards,
P.S. Left a QVC review a while ago on your stamps, as "TwoCatsKate", as they are so useful, and friends are being directed to your blog & stamps when they ask "where do you buy these 'PaulaPascual' cards?" when they get a card from me, so sucessful are your stamps and ideas! Thank you :)

Paula Pascual said...

Thanks Cathinka!

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