Friday 25 June 2010

Questions and Answers

Since I often get comments that ask questions on this blog that are quite good or I think that the answers can help other readers, I have decided to answer them in posts. I will do this Questions and Answers posts as the questions come along, so I invite you to make as many questions as you have. I may not be able to answer them all but I will try!

Jenny said...

I love that card Paula! I tried using your stamps for the first time the other day, I haven't mastered the art yet but I was using them with SU inks, and the clear block coloured parts of the stamps didnt come out well on the card I tried. I then tried some smoother, SU card and it worked much better though so I need more practice!

Ink pads are always a key ingredient of rubber stamping. I love the subject! The first thing I will say is that as a general rule, clear stamps work much better with pigment inks that dye based inks such as the StampinUp inks. The impression you will get from dye based inks usually is less crisp than if you use Versafine ink pads, my preferred type of ink for any detailed and solid stamps. The only dye based inks that I think work really well with clear stamps are the Memento pads. That is not to say that depending on the image you will get a decent print from a SU ink, but it is much more of a hit and miss chance than a standard occurrence. For more info on inks and my stamps, click here.

Smooth card is essential to get a proper impression, specially with small detail and fine lines stamps such as mine are. Something like Bazzill or Coredinations cards will give you an uneven impression which can be very effective for certain techniques.

Rukhshana said...

Gorgeous card Paula. How do you do the patchwork technique?

I often get questions about techniques in this blog. I take them as huge compliment to the cards I make, so I do really appreciate the requests. I love the idea of sharing of the crafting community and I do not wish to be ungenerous, which is why I share most of the cards I make here and give general pointers about them. However, I have learnt that sometimes people will take advantage of this free sharing of ideas.

At the beginning of this blog, I had an unpleasant experience regarding this matter. I received a request from a reader about a project I had made that she had seen at a shop, so I shared a step by step tutorial on how to make it. A few months later, I found out that the reader who had made request had taught a workshop on that project, copying my original to the last detail without giving me any credit. Furthermore, she got paid for it while I did share for free with her. I was naive to do so. Since that happened, I decided not to do any tutorials except for the ones that involve my stamps as I design them with certain ideas in mind, like using certain punches or inks, and I think the bog is the best way to explain those ideas.

Also, it is important to explain that paper crafting is as well as my hobby my only job, so teaching, demonstrating, designing stamps, doing articles for magazines are my only income. If someone is willing to pay to come to my classes to learn how to make them or to read my articles to get written instructions, I think it is unfair to them to share it for free on the internet. I know it is not the same, but still, I don't think it would be fair on them. So that is another reason why I do not go on detail on certain techniques.

And, by the way, I have an article on Cardmaking and Papercraft coming up in September-October with the Patchwork Technique, with step by step instructions and photos. I will let you know when it is up for sale.

Please note that I do not mind at all that you copy to the last millimeter my cards featured in this blog as long as you copy them for personal use. In fact, I rather like the idea that you like my cards so much as to do so. However, if you are going to sell the cards or to teach how to make them please ask me permission first.


G Peplow said...

Understand completely and of course you are quite right,:) xx

Rukhshana said...

I'm sorry if you have got the impression that I inquired about the patchwork technique in order to profit from it in some way. You have mentioned it several times on your blog & the way you kept calling it 'the patchwork technique' made me assume it was an established technique such as the resist technique or the polished stone technique etc etc. Not having heard of it before I did what I usually do when I haven't heard of a particular method & 'Googled' it. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything on it so I asked you. Perhaps if you do not want to divulge how you do some things (& I can understand your reasons for not doing so)it would be better if you didn't mention them.

Paula Pascual said...

Hi Rushkana,
I took your question as a huge compliment, please do not be upset of my reply as it was just a notice of why I do or don't do certain things on the blog. I know you would NOT use it for profit, but some other reader might.
It is a good point about not putting thing here about techniques that they are not readily available. So I am definitely think about that!

Take care

nikkib said...

Love all your projects Paula. I've been lucky enough to attend a couple of your classes when Creative Pastimes was open and learnt so much from you, I must get myself booked on some more, maybe if you're ever at the Craft Barn? xx

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