Friday 11 June 2010

Quick and easy

Sometimes there is this idea that quick and easy cards are indeed quick and easy to make. The truth about them, I find, is that they may be quick to make them but not necessarily that easy. Yes, they are not elaborate cards and usually they are not time consuming but a simple card can have elements that are very elaborate, technique and time wise.
But more importantly, for a simple card to work needs a strong design which is much harder to acquire than any technique, yes even the hardest ones, while techniques you can learn by practice, learning design is much harder as is more intuitive and paying attention to design elements around. Basically, it is not something that you can learn in a two hour workshop. You can learn it but it takes a bit longer.

For this card I used one shipping tag, embossed it using one of Tim Holtz embossing folders and then I colored it using distress inks. The square is one from my Square Essentials and the message is from my Double Sayings set.


cathinka said... may say this is quick, simple and 'easy', but you are so right about design- it is something so hard to get right, and that is why your blog is so interesting, Paula. You share your work so generously, and so we can benefit from your eye for design,and colour, especially with text-based cards and your message stamps.
I do think that you are right- people are born with an eye for design, or they grow up from infanthood surrounded by good design, and are nurtured with it.
This card is deceptively simple- and that's why it works, and is another set of ideas to try- here's hoping!

Bettythebaglady said...

It's hard not to throw everything except the kitchen sink in (and some people do) just to prove you've got the latest products- that's why I love your cards. Less is more and gives so much pleasure. I get a sort of click when everything feels right but also get fabulous constructive feedback from my DH who has a wonderful eye. Love BettyXXX

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