Friday 4 June 2010

A photoshoot with Dawn

It was really unplanned, like most of the portraits I take, just have the camera and sometimes a cooperative subject. The light was golden and matching Dawn's tanned skin, so I thought I better catch the moment.

Dawn had finished doing her weekly show at QVC and then had a business meeting. And before we went to Gabriel's Wharf for dinner -my half successful suggestion- Dawn sit in for a quick snaps. I love taking portraits of all of my friends, although most or them are not as patient as Dawn, so when I have the opportunity I click away.


Anonymous said...

hi Paula - these photos of Dawn are brilliant although I love the last one the best. Keep snapping. Yvonne xx

Sandra said...

Wonderful Portraits Paula... Dawn looks amazing!
Sandra x

cathinka said...

Wow- such marvellous photography- well done, both to you and to Dawn- you can see how relaxed she is for you, and the last one is such a lovely combination of texture and tone- am in awe.
And just to say that yesterday's text based card is the answer to all my efforts to make a really good card for a friend who is a real booklover, she loves the text/typography/shape of all things 'lettery'- so all my head-scratching is ended...'breaking the rules' done with your signature style and elegance-

Sharon Noble said...

Really lovely skilled photo's and Dawn looks pretty with the light bouncing off her hair.
hugs Sharon x

D said...

Great pics! Dawn's never looked better than she does these days.

daisy said...

Fabulous portrait shots Paula. There is such warmth & love in these photographs. My favourite is the last one.

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