Wednesday 1 September 2010

Film Strip Gap Card

Yes, another Gap card from last week workshop at The Glitter Pot.
This time I used the Film strip Sizzlit die from Tim Holtz. This is probably the quick and easiest way of doing a gap card as is only one piece that maintains the gap.

I die cut twice the film strip, once out of brown and once out of cream. I used the cream one under the brown one and use the pieces in the middle to stamp my message. The sentiment is from the Circle Tags set and the monogram is one of the Shadow ones.

I ended up doing a portrait card rather than a landscape, which was my first intention, just because I really liked the tab finish off the edge of the card. 


Momiji said...

great take on the gap card..and like the tab effect..

Fiona said...

Fab gap card. You inspired me to have a go, but it's not quite up to your standard.

cathinka said...

Paula-this is just perfect for me to have a go at- my son's an editor and I need to make a card for him and have been stuck! I'll try a rough cut (no pun intended) to get a filmstrip look, and if it looks too messy, use old filmstrip instead..I expect it will be filmstrip, but I'll follow your design!
Many many thanks- and I'm delighted with your card- masculine colours and focusing(pun) on the text, which will be a 'congratulations' one of your message stamps with his initials using Shadow Monograms-
-yippee, problem solved! And I like the 'over the edge' tab too-
Thanks again! :)

cathinka said...

Your mini album yesterday- after having a closer look, I see you've chosen Wordsworth's Daffodils- 'for oft...heart with pleasure fills...' and maybe bits from The Prelude too? A good choice for remembering/cheering up, and as the album is 'mini' it can be carried with you, to act as a morale boost...really astute, carefully chosen text- I like to see that!
Plaudits due, I think, to you Paula! Another example I'll have to remember to try (not albums, but text/backing paper in fold out cards perhaps)
Well done again :)

Paula Pascual said...

All the papers of the mini album are from Making Memories, flower Patch Collection. I guess they chose Wordsworth!

cathinka said...

Ah, Thank you, Paula- and such a speedy reply!
Am going to use old filmstrip negative for my son's card, it will be cut out to accomodate the inner message 'block', so should be easier. A practice one first, though!
Keep well, and Thanks again-

Anonymous said...

beautiful! :)

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