Saturday 17 July 2010

Blog Candy Alert

A couple of weeks ago at the QVC Customer Event I got introduced to the Silkies from Imagination Crafts. I was really impressed by them. I just found out that there is a Blog Candy until the 23rd of July on their blog. Click here for the blog entry and just follow the instructions to qualify.


cathinka said...

Glad you are feeling a litle better, Paula.
The ?mustard and silver combimation card yesterday's unusual, but I like it; the 3d effect of the 'tag' by the message is good- it looks as if it might push down in the envelope and spring back again?
On tuesday when your stamps were on, I rang QVC for the first (and probably only!) time to say on air how much I enjoyed using them, and how good it was to be able to personalise cards with the Shadow Monograms. Hope you don't mind?
I've been busy making lots of notepaper sets, cards and bookplates with them to give as gifts, and they are a real pleasure to use :) Thanks again

Paula Pascual said...

Hi Cathy, I dont mind at all. I just wish I had been watching!
Thanks Cathy

nikkib said...

I like these..... very nice... will you be on air for Craft Day?

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