Monday 26 July 2010


Still a lot of work to do over at my website but I wanted to explain a few things.

The first version I put up had a tutorial step by step section which hosted the tutorials that I had done in this blog about my stamps. Then I decided that I, as a browser, found much more efficient to have each tutorial in each stamp page, so I did.

Wasabi was extra sweet yesterday so I decided I would make in a little page so I can keep his best photos there.

Also, although this week I may be paying more attention to the website than the blog, rest assured that I intend to keep updating the blog as I have for last couple of years, almost daily. It will be still the best way to keep up with new updates about stamps and workshops.

So, bear with me while I sort the rest of small/big issues from the website.


Lorna May said...

exciting new things for you :)
Well done :)

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Hi Paula,

Are you going to put a link to your website at the top of your blog?

If it is there already, I apologise, I couldnt see it, but I am shattered, so I may have missed it.

The tutorial on the page is a really great idea!!

When you are looking at alot of new things, sometimes you forget what you want to look at in a seperate Tutorial Tab - hope that makes sense?

Michelle x

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula just had a browse of the website its fab, love the gallery and ideas. Great job
Elaine x

Boo said...

Sounds exciting but a lot of work ahead Paula. Great idea to keep the tutorials in one place. Looking forward to seeing it. :D

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