Sunday 25 July 2010


This is what I was working on, my website. I love my blog, but I thought I also needed a proper website, so Thursday I called my father who is brilliant for things like that and he gave me some pointers. Omar helped me to upload it. But the website design is all mine. I feel that for once I have accomplished something.
There are many sections that need revising and design wise there are a few problems. I will be trying to fix them next week.

In other news, lets enjoy that Contador has won his third Tour de France.


SDCrafts said...

It is an excellent website, Paula. I hope it will bring you even more business and a lot of pleasure writing for it!

Momiji said...

ooohh! this is an exciting development Paula!
looking forward to what goes on here..

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Clever you Paula, you are doing a great job with this!! I know its not easy getting things to do what you want them to do is it?

I am cheating and getting Happy to Design a Blog Shop for me. She Designed my Blog page, which I love.

I order my stock through Personal Impressions:) Me thinks when my Blog Shop is up and running I maybe looking to stock my Blog Friend Paulas Gorgeous goodies:)

I will also show you off at my Craft Markets:)

I want to do as much British (ummm?? Spanish?) craft as i can:)
Michelle x

Kate said...

Love the Wasabi top tips!

** Kate **

sparklygirl-Tina said...

Hi Paula

Your website looks lovely, just had a good nose around!!

Best of luck with it.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new website!

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