Friday 9 July 2010

Questions and Answers

Thanks for the lovely comments yesterday about my studio. Truth be told, I know I am one of the luckiest crafters in the whole world. I have got a very large room all for my self with good light. But it is my job and where I mostly spent my days, so it makes sense to have one of the best rooms in the house used for where most hours are spent. It is pretty full of stuff, my mum always jokes and says Horror Vacui, a latin expression that is applied when a period from Art History is decoratively very busy, so busy that there is a fear of the emptiness. Well, I do not have fear of emptiness, rather than I must use every single inch of space to store my stuff properly.

Do you take your card photos in your studio? It looks like the light coming in from the windows is good?

Yes I do. Mostly. I have got really good light, but leaving in England and not being a productive person in the mornings means that by the time I get round to taking photos is dark, so not great photos more often than not.

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Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

You take lovely photos Paula!!

And we all really do understand you have to have it for work:)

Have seen you on QVC, you are very brave working in front of the camera!!

Michelle x

p.s. Decided to support Spain on Sunday - not that I shall watch it, cant stand football haha!!

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