Wednesday 14 July 2010

Cut and Dry Foam

Today I would like to share a little tip that I came up with last week. I use huge amounts Cut and Dry foam for some many different techniques and classes. After realizing that I like to have the same size of Cut and Dry foam pieces for my crafting. I hate wasting anything, that is why cutting the foam in to circles to fit door handles seems to me a very wasteful idea. I rather use every cm of the foam and to do that it is best to cut into straight lines.
So, last week I thought if as soon as I had a new piece of Cut and Dry I divided the area into 1 x 1 1/2" with a pencil, it would make it easier to cut it into little pieces that are exactly my preferred size when and where I needed them. So I have done that, and really, really works for me.


Claire said...

great idea paula, i will definitely be trying this out to get more organised.thanks c x

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Great idea! I either cut them too big or too small!! and then have to cut another piece:(

Now Paula, I promise I am not a mad person on here, but I have to tell you this.

I had a VERY strange dream last night! You were my Dentist!!haha
and you said I will have to fill those 2 teeth and its going to really hurt!!!hahahaha. Then you hid my coat so I couldnt leave

It was a lot longer than that, but thats the gist of it. How weird is that!!

That will teach me for blogging late at night!!!
Michelle x

Paula Pascual said...

That is so funny!


Anonymous said...

Hello Paula
I tried to leave a comment yesterday but must have got it wrong.

I have just bought the messages in circles and the dotty borders - they are lovely stamps. I am having trouble lining up the dotty borders - have tried lining up with a grid under the acrylic block and also lining up with the top of the block which seemed to work better.
Any tips?

I havent left comments before but do look at your blog regularly - I love the style of your cards, its very inspirational. Thanks!


nikkib said...

I also use lots of Cut and Dry Foam and always end up cutting it the wrong size..... love your idea for ensuring all pieces the right size...

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