Sunday 4 July 2010

Beautiful Day

Sunny skies, lovely temperature, perfect day to enjoy outdoors with my husband.
But I would like to share this card, last in the series of Patchwork and Butterflies, that I made at the June Extravaganza at the Craft Barn. By the way, The Craft Barn is having another of the big weekend demos in September. It is worth making a planned visit for both days as it is so full of extraordinary demonstrators like Leandra from Paperartsy and Lin from LB Crafts.


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful card Paula, but outdoors with your husband today? I would have thought you'd be glued to the TV this afternoon cheering on your hero !! Best wishes.

Momiji said...

beautiful Paula! lovely blend of colours.looking forward to learning the patchwork technique..let us know when its in print!

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