Wednesday 7 July 2010

It seems that I have lost the original files of many photos I had taken of my cards, either lost or misplaced, which sounds better. That is why the watermark looks so huge, because the photo size is rather small, one of the small disadvantages of Aperture.

In the last few days I have had three very exciting deliveries, all for different projects including an article, some samples cards and a teaching project that I am really excited about, nothing extraordinary at all, but a bit different for me.

Feeling a bit better, but still need to sleep a lot, early evening I need a nap, as if I didn't sleep enough night time!!! And, no, it can not be called a Siesta as a siesta is pretty much immediately after lunch, around 3pm or so.


G Peplow said...

Love the card Paula, get all the sleep you can it helps your body to heal itself, take care:) xx

cathinka said...

Sleep is good, and I hope you feel better soon, Paula- and is it worth asking us all if we have any copies of the missing cards? I wouldn't mind sending the ones I've copied to you- then you have the ideas/sketch, at least, to act as an aide-memoire.
Take care,

lucretia said...

fabulous design, yes I love that layout and the colours, it's just super.

Paula Pascual said...

I have lost them in my computer, I don't think I have ever post this cards on the blog. But if it was the case, thanks for offering, I may have to take you on the offer.

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