Wednesday 21 July 2010

Wednesday Storage Ideas

Today I would like to share how I store my inkpads. While I consider me a papercrafter rather than a stamper, stamping is one of my staples of my crafting, something that I use almost for every card I make. For that reason it was important to me that my inks are available very near my work area, so having them over my work desk seemed like the perfect position.

I use two 40 cassette holders side by side. Old cassettes have a similar width as standard ink pads, however they are hard to come by, the fab Caz found those. In the one on the right, I removed the partition for the cassettes so instead of 40 it holds 60 ink pads as long as you put them narrow side in or they are Ranger size (3"). Above the cassette holders, I have an acrylic unit that holds the smaller size circle punches -another of my crafting basics- and above that I have other ink pads that I rarely use. If they are out of sight, they are out of mind, so I have them there so I can still use them if I need to, although they are much harder for me to get them as I am only 5' 1".

Since I favor smaller ink pads these days, great value and less storage space, I decided on getting four Muji acrylic drawers, two of them are the old version which feature three drawers and the other two are the newer ones that have 2 drawers but deeper. Honestly, I prefer the older ones as they hold 1/3 rd more ink pads.

All my Brilliance dew drops ink pads are in one drawer.

VersaMagic Dew Drops and Fluid Chalk ink Cats Eye pads share two drawers divided by color.

My cube Stampin Up inks are also in two drawers by colour shade. Some Cats Eye pads that would not fit in their correspondent drawer are in this one.

Memento ink pads have a drawer all for themselves too.
The top drawers hold Perfect Pearls and similar mica powder products, something that I use quite often.

It does work quite well for me!


Sharon Noble said...

WOW can i come play?
have a great day thanks for showing us our wonderful room.
hugs Sharon

Anonymous said...

I love your craft room.. I think you could run workshops on how to organize a craft room .. I think I spend as much time re-organizing my stuff as I do crafting..esp when I have had a spending spree and am merging the new products in.. my worst thing is punches as they take up so much space esp the large ones. Loved your photos
Joan(the Rafa fan)

nikkib said...

Love the photos Paula..... as I'm still moving into my new craft room any storage ideas are very welcome..... Love the use of old cassette holders, will have a look in the charity shops in the village to see if they have any. Like the acrylic drawers for smaller ink pads so shall be investing in some of those. Thanks for sharing.

lucretia said...

Wow! You have so much stuff. I only have a are very organised though, like me. Many seem very messy, so well done.

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Great idea about the cassette holders!

I am going to take a couple photos of my craft SPACE, you will laugh!

And why is it that when we start off crafting we have loads of space around us, a couple of hours later we are working in a 6" x 6" square space? haha
Michelle x

Momiji said...

a crafter's dream! I love Muji..nice minimalist storage with the emphasis on the uncluttered look...

madalison said...

wow, what is this obsession with storage? Or is the obsession purely mine! I love love love storage and am always looking for new ideas. I love yours, and will be scouring charity shops and boot sales for old cassette shelves-why did I never keep them?! I store my ink pads in an Art Bin storage case which has its lid removed and stands on it end thus giving me areas to store pads and embossing powders, glitters etc, it works for me at the moment. My biggest headache is how to store my pro-markers so that I can easily access and see colours. I have tried the DVD shelving storage people on blogs have suggested, but I want to see more of the colours shown on the sides of the pens - any ideas? Currently they are flat side by side in two 1" deep 12 x 12 paper storage lids!
Lastly just wanted to add, what a stunning couple you make.
MadAlison from the Wirral xx

cathinka said...

Thank you for these storage ideas, Paula- have to find some cassette racks!
I store my Promarkers/pens in 'up-cycled' cardboard boxes (savoury bisciuts/cracker type cartons) which I sellotape together then cover with paper, leaving the opened end open. Taping them together means I can have them purpose fitted to the available space, and they also hold my Sakura/Marvy/etc pens as well. To make partitions inside the boxes, I just cut one in half, stick it in with some Stix2 wider tape so it's strong and won't collapse. My desk has one run of 4 boxes, 2 and 3 high, and others are slotted into spaces on the shelves with allsorts of things in them.
Because the cartons are 15cmx7.5cm square, they are just the right length for pens, and they are 'displayed' (end on)in a small, square shape, which pleases the eye. A hole punched white paper circle stuck on the top of each pen with the colour dabbed on it means I can see which colours are which, and also throws up some colour combinations I hadn't thought of!
Hope this helps 'MadAlison' ?
It's cheap to do, doesn't take long and is green to boot!

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